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E-Mail: adpublisher@mindspring.com

Website: www.americandigger.com

Holcombe is a humorist from Atlanta, Ga. Although born penniless and illiterate in 1955, he manages to freelance and self-publish enough to enjoy a reputation of some repute. Calm down, redundancies are acceptable among the Southern-Hetro-Urban-Humorists school of freestyle in which he writes, as is almost anything as long as it makes folks grin. Holcombe does not claim to be a literary writer, and strongly advises that his use of ink should be read for entertainment purposes only, and thus kept out of reach of children and small pets.

In addition to freelancing for the last 20+ years, Holcombe has published two books: Never Mace A Skunk, and Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue. He says, Ive sold roughly 1,000 of each, and although I may not have the following some writers have, I do have a fiercely loyal group who will repeatedly spend hard earned money on what I write, poor bastards.

To put bread on the table, Holcombe is publisher for the bi-monthly American Digger Magazine, and the publication, Diggers and Collectors of American Heritage. In two short years he modestly admits that he has managed to get paid subscribers in 48 states and several foreign countries. He also owns an antiquities business: www.greybirdrelics.com.

Holcombe is currently working on two books, a novel, which takes place in Georgia, and can best be described as "dark humor". In other words, you will laugh, but you might feel a bit guilty about it later. A second book will be a side-splitter and will explain why we should not stereotype Southerners or Northerners, but instead we should mercilessly stereotype Americans in general.

Services: Available for critiquing and proofreading, and when time allows, available for project collaborations. Will also swap fishing stories.

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