Ivana Rezek

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E-Mail: ivana_rezek@yahoo.com


I'm a graphic designer/illustrator residing in Rijeka, Croatia. I explore numerous styles of visual art. My main interests are science fiction and fantasy realm, pop-surrealism, lowbrow, and mythology, particularly old legends, mythical creatures, angels, fairies, dragons, monsters, fantasy, and dreamlike landscapes. Additionally, I love drawing and painting portraits and human compositions. Most of my works are pastel on paper, and watercolour, but I embrace a wide variety of artistic mediums, including photography.

It's been said that art is a window which opens to another reality, an escape, or a snapshot of the artist's inner world. While I agree, I also believe art is much more --- it is an amazing way to enrich our own reality, and it enables us to give something unique from our experience to the world.

I'm moved by strong and intense emotions, good ones as well as bad. My paintings capture and give a physical shape to a feeling or a state of mind that may otherwise fade away. My art brings the elusive, private inner world that dwells inside of me out into a common universal reality, one that I can share with everyone.

Creative Artists Commnity